It all began in 2016, in the heart of Jamaica, with a basic iron and heat transfer paper. Chante’, our visionary founder embarked on her 'creatif journey,' where she began to make her own graphic designs and dedicated countless hours perfecting the art of applying these designs onto t-shirts, and hats ensuring not only their aesthetic appeal but also their lasting durability.

Initially, I did this for fun, but then people began noticing my designs and wanted to buy them. I was on a mission to celebrate individual uniqueness and forge unbreakable bonds with a play on words and designs”, she explained.

This moment marked the evolution of her concept from a casual pursuit to a profound aspiration – to craft LUXURY STREETWEAR designs that blend Jamaican and global statements and designs, allowing her clothing to speak for itself. Chante’ uses the term ‘LUXURY STREEWEAR” to categorize her brand as she meticulously prioritizes the use of premium materials to craft her garments, ensuring exceptional quality and comfort. In addition, she pays keen attention to the details, featuring meticulously designed and distinct tags that set her items apart. Her diverse label designs and incorporating different quality materials, serve as a testament to  commitment to exclusivity and uniqueness within the streetwear fashion space.



Early Challenges & Transformation

Initially, most of her sales came from friends and acquaintances. As she neared the end of her college journey, orders began to increase, and she received growing support. However, during her university years, she encountered challenges as the support dwindled. Doubts crept in, and the time-consuming process of ironing designs while juggling university life became overwhelming. It was at that moment she was then blessed with a heat press machine from her mother which transformed her process and determination to reignite her brand.

Resurgence and Pandemic

Fueled by renewed determination, sales saw an upswing. However, the Covid-19 pandemic hit a few months later, forcing Chante to leave her campus at the University of the West Indies in Kingston and return home to Montego Bay. During this period, she strategically considered ways to sustain her business. Realizing the importance of adaptation and aligning with shifting dynamics, Chante seized the moment to invest in brand development, pinpointing her new 'EXCLUSIVE' audience - the creative community.

Resilience & Dedication

As Chante’ weathered the storm, hopeful for a lift in pandemic restrictions, she finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel when those restrictions were lifted months later. Sales began to climb once more, allowing her to rekindle her passion. She reflects, 'It's been quite a journey, but resilience in times of adversity is crucial.' As she nurtures her passion, Chante warmly invites newcomers to 'JOIN THE MOVEMENT' and 'FEEL THE EXPERIENCE', one garment at a time."

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